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Construction Has Started

Construction has officially started on the new building! For those of you that don’t already know, the new building is the large building adjacent to the modular that the classrooms are currently housed in. This Spring, the building was purchased by Al Sfeir, who told us at a recent board meeting that he is excited to help us achieve our vision with the new space. On April 15th, we signed a 15-year lease, which is HUGE news! Construction will be moving fast in order to be ready for a Fall opening. Construction equipment is already on site daily clearing trees, and we have a team of talented contractors plugging away on the interior renovations.

If you missed our May board meeting and did not see renderings of the building, you can see them here. During the meeting, it was noted that doors on the new building will automatically lock after school begins and that entrances will be secure. There is an administration (visitor) entrance and a separate entrance for students. The plan also shows a new drop-off path. Nine classrooms are shown on the first floor, with cubbies located outside of the classrooms. Six classrooms (not kindergarten) will contain smart boards.

The pink color represents administration and the blue color shows classrooms/student areas. Administration will have separate locked bathrooms- one for men and one for women. Each will require a key to open, as they are not for student access. The second-floor plan (8 classrooms) has been finished, but Rob said they will work as hard as they can to get as much of that done before the fall (keeping in mind the first floor needs to be completed for the school to open). Cubbies will be inside the rooms on the second floor for our older students that may need a little more security with their personal belongings. Upstairs there is also a large area that could be used for many purposes like a theater, meetings etc. We are especially excited for this new open space, as it is something the school has been lacking.

Landlord Al Sfeir also noted that he will be landscaping the property and it will look great when it’s completed.

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