Reopening & Safety Plan


Updated 8.28.20

Parent Information Presentation 8.26.20 - Recorded Session
Windham Academy will re-open with a phased approach lasting 6 weeks.

Students will choose to either learn on campus at WA or remotely. We ask that remote families remain with their initial choice for the first 6 weeks.

Overall guidelines and preparations for on campus learning:

  • Students will attend school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday will be a "flex day" for staff to prepare lessons, attend meetings, provide additional support for remote learners, etc. The school will be deep cleaned on Wednesdays.

  • Classrooms will be arranged with a focus on safety and social distancing following state guidelines

  • Student cubbies/lockers will be color coded for students to be assigned time to get materials in a staggered fashion

  • Full group lessons will be done in color codes ("reds join me on the rug... greens remain at your desks", etc)

  • Classroom Schedule for hand-washing and sanitizing/disinfecting work areas

  • Recess/Playground times will be staggered

  • All staff and students will be required to have a mask available for use. Masks will be worn:

    • arriving at/departing from school

    • for hallway travel

    • during some classroom activities

    • when a teacher/staff member deems it necessary (i.e. a child is dealing with allergies with lots of sneezing)

  • Frequent mandated hand-washing and sanitizing

  • Desk, chairs, door handles, and tables to be cleaned frequently

  • Students will be responsible for having "personal school supplies" kept in a pencil box/baggie. Students will not be permitted to share supplies.

  • Hallways/Staircases will have designated travel directions (this staircase for traveling UP, this hallway to travel in this direction/"arrows", etc)

  • Fire Drills/Emergencies will be set up by following NH Safety & Procedures



PHASE ONE: Teacher Preparation Days

Monday Aug. 31st ~ Wednesday Sept. 2nd


During these 3 days, teachers will be given uninterrupted time to prepare for students to return to Windham Academy either in person or online.  All staff members will participate in training to develop a shared understanding of "Protocols and Procedures" for meeting the needs of all students.

PHASE TWO: Meeting Family/Students

Thurs 9/3/20, Tues 9/8/20, Wed 9/9/20


Teachers will meet one-on-one with each family (in person or remotely through video). Topics to be covered:

  • Discussions on how the student is doing "overall" socially & emotionally with the current pandemic experience as well as on beginning the school year

  • Families can share any important information about the child to help best prepare staff for working along-side the child during instruction

  • Teachers will go over safety/health procedures for the classroom

  • Teachers can explain how to best prepare for the school year



PHASE THREE: Beginning of Instruction/Academic School Year

Thurs 9/10/20 ~ Fri 10/23/20


Students will attend school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday will be a "flex day" for staff to prepare lessons, attend meetings, etc. The school will be deep cleaned on Wednesdays.

Before School: Early drop-off will be available as usual for $8/day. More information can be found here.

After School: After school care will be provided onsite at Windham Academy by the YMCA. More information can be found here.

Students will still be assigned to a main teacher, but due to the unique circumstances, teachers will prepare for the school year in teams based on grade level, with grades 3, 4, and 5 working together.

  • Instruction and academic planning will be rolled out by each team.

    • Physical "in-person" lessons

    • Video lessons (for remote learners)

    • Lessons for differentiating for all learners

    • Due to the current circumstances children may see other teachers on the team throughout the school week for certain lessons, depending on the scheduling of in-person and remote lessons, number of remote learners, etc. This also allows us flexibility in the event of illness of a teacher or students.

    • Specials: (Art, Music, and YMCA, and Library) will be staggered. Book and equipment cleaning procedures will be put in place

  • A relaxed uniform dress code will be in place for this phase only. Students MUST wear school colors but logos are not required. If you have uniforms, we encourage you to wear them.​





This phase encompasses many stakeholders for decision-making as to "where do we go next":

  • NH Department of Education (where is education at the present time?)

  • CDC (where are we with the pandemic?)

  • Windham Academy Students, Parents, and Staff (How's everyone doing?)