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July 15, 2019

Hello WA families!


I hope you are all finding many many ways to make your summer fun and full of great memories.

So much has been happening "behind the scenes" in our Windham Academy "world".

The building is coming along quickly... I can not believe the hours that workers of all types are putting in as everybody is focusing on the time-frame of getting everything done for opening day.  Just seeing the modular-classrooms out of the parking lot is making everything look much bigger!

Teachers are preparing their "Welcome Back" letters to send out to students and families... be looking for those sometime during the week of 7/22.


Ice-Cream Social

Our summer ice-cream social is planned for Wednesday 8/7/19 at 6:00pm at Griffin Park in Windham, NH.  As last year, this is a great time for students/families to come together to say hello to teachers & staff, have some ice cream, and enjoy some time together before the school year begins.  (The rain date for this will be Thursday, 8/8/19, at the same time)


Windham Academy Summer Fundraiser

This fun event is planned for this Saturday, July 20th from 2-6pm.  It will be held at Club14 in Windham (indoor golf, virtual reality games). Come enjoy time with friends, sharing food and drinks. As a wonderful community member, Jim D'Amico of Century 21 North East, has stepped up to sponsor appetizers for this event.  We also want to thank Shihan from Karate International, as well as Jessica O'Neill from State Farm Insurance for sponsoring tables.  Be sure to stop by their tables while you're there!  You are able to purchase tickets at the door, but also on-line at


Looks like many families have been looking over uniforms and spirit-wear on the Lands End website... thank you for checking them out!  Those of you who have ordered, we are hoping you are loving your purchases!!


Continue enjoying your summer vacation, and we are so looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Melinda Labo, Director

Superintendent of SAU 712

Windham Academy Public Charter School

June 27th, 2019

We are excited to announce the introduction of student uniforms with this note from our chairman, Jim Fricchione, to Windham Academy families:

Dear Valued Parents,


On behalf of the staff and volunteers associated with the Windham Academy, I’d first like to thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education.


Today marks the successful completion of our first full year of operation here in southern New Hampshire, and we couldn’t be prouder. We’ll be removing the modulars later this week, and transitioning into our new state of the art classrooms this summer. These are truly exciting times at the Windham Academy!


We’ve always seen this school as becoming something special and different. Something exceptional. A safe and unique place for our little ones to become excited, learn and grow.


As such, we decided upon uniforms at the Academy. This was discussed many times at parent forums and board meetings, and widely welcomed. They’re a great way to show school pride and differentiate ourselves, as a school of excellence. Though many styles were discussed, in the end a more casual and low-key approach was decided upon by parents. Polos and khakis, or polos and skirts, etc. are reasonably priced and very kid friendly. There are a wide variety of colors, styles and options to choose from. Every child won’t look the same. Parents will be encouraged to show their school spirit by selecting our Windham Academy branded apparel in choices that best suit their child.


Options and colors have been provided by Land’s End, and will be viewable through a link on our website.


If you have any questions regarding any of this, or just want to volunteer, please feel free to contact myself or a fellow trustee, anytime.


Together, we look to make this a school of excellence for years to come, helping to change our little corner of the world for the better.




Jim Fricchione

Chairman, Board of Trustees

The Windham Academy

For more information regarding student uniforms, please click here.

June 18th, 2019 

It’s hard to believe, but the last day of school is here. We just can't thank you all enough for being part of this crazy journey with us for Year One.  It has been a real life roller coaster ride, ending with the exhaustive feeling of "Wow!  I can't believe we just took part in that!  I can't wait to do it again!". A few important things to share:


Construction Update

The new building now has walls! Construction is moving along very quickly. Trees are being removed to make way for more green grass, primer is being laid down on the building to prepare for painting, and contractors are moving quickly with electrical, water and other items. It’s so exciting to see the transition and we can’t wait to show you our new facility this Fall!


Updates on Busing

We know that Windham students (and families) have been waiting to hear about what the busing situation will be like in year 2.  A decision has finally been made that next year Windham Academy will become a "drop-off" spot for the different buses that travel through town.  This year, our students had to transfer to a shuttle bus, having students switch buses at another school (and making the bus trip quite lengthy).  Bus times and routes will be available to Windham residents later in the summer, however, when your child is picked up at their spot in the morning, they will now be dropped off directly at WA.  The same in the afternoon - students will be brought directly home instead of transferring to a shuttle bus.


Next Year's Placement

Teachers will be sending out welcome letters and sending class lists out through the mail in a couple of weeks.



For those of you who have been keeping up with board meetings, you would know that we will be implementing "uniforms" next year at Windham Academy.  We will be asking for students to wear "tops" that show the WA logo, in MANY styles and choices.  These will be provided by Lands End.  We are getting a website up and running, and you'll be able to order right on line.  Bottoms will be available through Lands End, but you can also purchase them on your own. Pants, sweatpants, shorts, skirts, and skorts will all be allowed, as long as they stay with the colors: black or khaki.  More information on this will be sent out to you soon. For questions, please contact Meg Bedrick at


Summer Ice Cream Social

As we did last summer, the Windham Academy staff will be holding an Ice Cream Social during the first week of August.  A great way for students to come and visit with their teachers, see some old and new friends, and relax a little as everyone begins to prepare for year 2!  You will be receiving information on this as the date gets closer.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience, and for believing in us.  We hope you have a wonderful and safe summer.  We’re looking forward to "new beginnings" as our building continues to become the real "school on the hill".  We are so excited about what is to come for our new school, as well as our new school year.  Each and every step of the way has been so exciting!



May 30th, 2019 


Construction has officially started on the new building! For those of you that don’t already know, the new building is the large building adjacent to the modular that the classrooms are currently housed in. This Spring, the building was purchased by Al Sfeir, who told us at a recent board meeting that he is excited to help us achieve our vision with the new space. On April 15th, we signed a 15-year lease, which is HUGE news! Construction will be moving fast in order to be ready for a Fall opening. Construction equipment is already on site daily clearing trees, and we have a team of talented contractors plugging away on the interior renovations.


If you missed our May board meeting and did not see renderings of the building, you can see them here. During the meeting, it was noted that doors on the new building will automatically lock after school begins and that entrances will be secure. There is an administration (visitor) entrance and a separate entrance for students. The plan also shows a new drop-off path. Nine classrooms are shown on the first floor, with cubbies located outside of the classrooms. Six classrooms (not kindergarten) will contain smart boards.


The pink color represents administration and the blue color shows classrooms/student areas. Administration will have separate locked bathrooms- one for men and one for women. Each will require a key to open, as they are not for student access. The second-floor plan (8 classrooms) has been finished, but Rob said they will work as hard as they can to get as much of that done before the fall (keeping in mind the first floor needs to be completed for the school to open). Cubbies will be inside the rooms on the second floor for our older students that may need a little more security with their personal belongings. Upstairs there is also a large area that could be used for many purposes like a theater, meetings etc. We are especially excited for this new open space, as it is something the school has been lacking.


Landlord Al Sfeir also noted that he will be landscaping the property and it will look great when it’s completed.

December 13th, 2018

The Windham Academy recently presented to the New Hampshire Board of Education on the success of their first several months of operation. The school's director, Mindy Labo, went to Concord accompanied by two of Mrs. Adaschik's 3rd grade class, Joe and Josiah.


Mrs. Labo reported that the school continues to exceed all expectations, with approximately 100 students and families currently enrolled.  She credits her stellar team of educators and staff with the school’s success - citing area parents, and their repeated ravings about the new school. With another month of open enrollment still to go, an additional 70 area families have already applied for fall 2019 enrollment, making another lottery guaranteed. 


Young Joe and Josiah stepped up and captivated the assembly with their professional demeanor and heartfelt update on their experiences at the new school. The Education Commissioner and Board Members were so impressed by the boys - they made it a point to personally thank them for their participation.


The Windham Academy is a tuition free public school based in the heart of Windham, near to exit 3.  Currently serving Kindergarten through grade 3, it will expand a grade each year. Fall 2019 open enrollment is underway, with the addition of grade 4.  Classrooms are filling quickly, with several openings still available for grades 2, 3 and 4.


Construction of the new classrooms at 1 Industrial Drive is well underway, and the school’s new PTO is already impacting change throughout the community. For more information on the new school, please visit, or call Kim Golden at 603-236-7900 to schedule an onsite visit.

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