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Help Windham Academy build a stage!

When we opened our 2nd floor in 2020, we did so amid a pandemic and focus was placed on the immediate needs of our staff and students. Knowing we would not be able to gather in our auditorium, its completion was placed on the back burner.

With better days ahead and a hope of being able to gather together next year, we would love to provide our students and staff with a stage for performances, presentations, and more.

Gift Basket Raffle

Sponsored by WA PTO

Tickets = $5 each

Tickets/Money Due - May. 5

All winners will be drawn on May 7.

Buy Online:

Step 1: Fill out this Google form to ensure you receive your tickets

Step 2: Pay via the Paypal Link:

VIP Parking Winners:

Week of:

4/12-4/16: Aliyya & Safiyyah Ahad (grades 1 & 4)/Enzo Alessandro (grade 3)

4/19-4/23: Lily Casciotti (grade 2)/Tommy Klemm (grade 1)

Vacation Week

5/3-5/7: Vivian Nguyen (grade 1)/Nicholas Barbosa (grade 2)

5/10-5/14: George & Adelina Peterson (grades 1 & 2)/Jamie Saulnier (grade 1)

5/17-5/21: CJ & Naya Elhamaoui (grade 1)/Avery Rice (grade 3)

5/24-5/28: Lucy & Frankie Stewart (grades K & 4)/Lucas Anderson (grade 1)

6/1-6/4: Rebecca & Jacob Fain (grades 2 & 5)/Ben Parzych (grade 1)

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