2022-23 Pre-Enrollment Form 

Who should fill out this form?:


1. Families interested in enrolling NEW students at Windham Academy for September 2022.

2. Families with SIBLINGS of CURRENT WA students who want to enroll for September 2022.

3. Families currently on the WAITING LIST for 2021-22 who are interested in enrollment for September 2022. The waitlist does NOT carry over from year to year.


Current students do NOT need to fill out this form. Intent to Return forms for current students will be sent home in January 2022.


How are seats allocated?

1. Current students are guaranteed seats at WA for next year.

2. Siblings of current students will be first in line for any available seats after currently enrolled students.

3. Other available seats are filled from the pre-enrollment database. Should interest exceed the number of available seats for any grade, a lottery will be held for that grade.

Important Dates:

Pre-enrollment/lottery form open: October 1 - December 31, 2021


Families notified of lottery numbers: On or before February 4, 2021. If you do not receive your number, please first check your SPAM folder, and call Mrs. Golden at the main number if you do not find your number. 


Lottery drawing: February 2022 (Date TBD). The drawing will be held live on our Facebook page, and selected families will be notified by email afterwards. 

Please click the link below to access the form (via Google Forms). This form will be open October 1 - December 31, 2021. Beginning on January 1, no additional names will be accepted for the lottery. Registrants will be added to the end of the waitlist.

Please fill out a new form for each child.