School Day: 8:45am - 2:45pm

Drop-Off Procedure

Drop-off time is 8:25am to 8:40am.
 Windham buses will be utilizing the road in front of the school, as well as the cul-de-sac.  There will be no parking in front of the school on Industrial Drive during this time.

When you come up Industrial Drive, take your first right into the parking lot.  Drive the entire length of the parking lot and make a U-turn to your left to "curve" back alongside the building. 

Parents must stay in the vehicle during drop off.
Please have your child unbuckled and ready to exit the vehicle on the PASSENGER side. Staff cannot reach into the car to unbuckle or assist with coats, etc. 

Anyone arriving after 8:40am must walk their child to the front office to sign them in as late.

Pick-Up Procedure

**Windham Buses will be utilizing Industrial Drive’s bus pathway, as well as the cul-de-sac.
Parking WILL NOT be allowed in the cul-de-sac between 8:00am and 3:30PM daily.
There will be 3 blocks of time for dismissal at Windham Academy. You may not enter the parking lot prior to your assigned time. Please display your placard from your review mirror.
Dismissal #1: 2:45-2:55: These cars will be for families with last names beginning A-H. You will be given a YELLOW numbered placard to place on your dashboard.
Dismissal #2: 2:55-3:05: These cars will be for families with last names beginning I-Q. You will be given a PURPLE numbered placard to place on your dashboard.
Dismissal #3: 3:05-3:15: These cars will be for families with last names beginning R-Z. You will be given a GREEN numbered placard to place on your dashboard.

No parking/idling for dismissal will be permitted prior to 2:15pm. If you arrive prior to 2:15 and are waiting for regular dismissal, please pull into a parking spot and TURN OFF your car.
Prior to 2:45, please DO NOT block cars parked in front of the office. There may be people who need to leave school and cannot get out.

Families picking up students can form two lanes in front of the building, looping
back to the entrance of the parking lot. Dismissal will begin at 2:45pm for
Dismissal #1. (If you are a Dismissal #2 and try to come into the lot before
2:55pm, you’ll be asked to drive around the neighborhood for a bit until your time
for dismissal begins).

**NO PARKING allowed in the cul-de-sac while waiting for your child’s dismissal time to begin. In order for staff to become familiar with cars, and to connect students to their family in a quick and safe manner, please make sure your car placard is in view by placing it on your dashboard. Staff will call students for dismissal and guide them to their family car. A staff member will direct cars to drive to the exit as 4-6 cars are filled. Please be watchful for school buses when leaving the parking lot.

**Do not block neighbor lot entrances when waiting to enter the WA lot.

Children who are not picked up by 3:15pm and who are signed-up with the YMCA After-School Club will be directed to the after-school program. Other students who have not been picked up by 3:15pm will be taken to the main office to await their rides. After 1 instance of a “late” pick up, a late fee of $10 will be charged to the family. After 3:30pm, the charge will be $1 additional for each minute. 


By law, busing is provided to students residing in the host district of Windham only.  If your child is enrolled in Windham Academy and lives in Windham, they will be automatically be added to the bus route at the start of the school year.  To view bus routes, click here.