School Day: 8:45am - 2:45pm

Drop-Off Procedure

Drop-off time is 8:25am to 8:40am.

 Windham buses will be utilizing the road in front of the school, as well as the cul-de-sac.  There will be no parking in front of the school on Industrial Drive during this time.

When you come up Industrial Drive, take your first right into the parking lot.  Drive the entire length of the parking lot and make a U-turn to your left to "curve" back alongside the building. 

Masks must be worn during drop-off. Parents must stay in the vehicle during drop off.

Please have your child unbuckled and ready to exit the vehicle on the PASSENGER side. Staff cannot reach into the car to unbuckle or assist with coats, etc. 

Anyone arriving after 8:40am must walk their child to the front office (masks required) to sign them in as late.


Pick-Up Procedure

Car dismissal takes place from 2:45pm - 3:00pm for last names A-L and

3:00 - 3:15pm for last names M-Z.


The same procedure will take place as with morning drop-off.  You will be given a colored card with a number to identify your family.  Please display this on your dashboard at dismissal.  This will help staff members identify who is lined up so that we can get your child ready for you as you approach the doorway.


Dismissal #1: 2:45-3:00pm: These cars will be for families with last names beginning with A-L. You will be given a YELLOW numbered placard to hang from your rear-view mirror.


Dismissal #2: 3:00-3:15pm: These cars will be for families with last names beginning with M-Z. You will be given a PURPLE numbered placard to hang from your rear-view mirror.

Children not picked up by 3:15:

Anyone who is enrolled in the YMCA after school program will be escorted there.

Children not enrolled in the YMCA program will be taken to the front office. After the first instance of late pickup, families will be charged a $10 late pick-up fee. After 3:30pm, the charge will increase by $1 per minute.


By law, busing is provided to students residing in the host district of Windham only.  If your child is enrolled in Windham Academy and lives in Windham, they will be automatically be added to the bus route at the start of the school year.  To view bus routes, click here.

Your child will be picked up at the end of your driveway at the time on the designated bus route. They will be dropped at Windham Academy based on the time of the bus route, always in time for school.

In the afternoon, a shuttle picks up students in the circle outside Windham Academy. Students are then transported to Golden Brook School, where they are assisted with transferring to their designated bus that will take them home.