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The Windham Academy Public Charter School will focus on STEM Prep education incorporating reading and art to provide a well-rounded STREAM educational experience for its learners within a culture that incorporates the excitement of project-based learning, the satisfaction of subject mastery in areas of literacy, numeracy and social studies, and lasting values through civic understanding and personal character.

2023-2024 Curriculum

Windham Academy features a STEM-prep education curriculum. Click the link below for a detailed look at what the students learn.  Please contact your child's teacher for any questions about our curriculum.

*Important Notice to Parents:


Please be aware that the links provided below direct to the publisher website. While these resources complement our curriculum, not all information on these pages is part of our prescribed coursework. We encourage exploration of these resources as supplemental materials, but please exercise discretion as content may extend beyond our curriculum. For any questions, please contact your child's teacher. Thank you for your partnership in your child's education.

Grades K-7 STEM/Science Curriculum Resources has been updated as of 12/23 and lists the specific unit topics used in that particular grade level.

Windham Academy does not allow any textbooks to go home with students.  If you would like a second copy of your child's books/workbooks to remain at home, you are welcome to purchase a second set by a particular subject or all subjects.  If you would like to inquire about this and pricing, please contact Mr. Castonguay directly at

          Parent/Guardian Curriculum Night Presentations:

           Grade K:                        Grades 4/5:  

        Grades 1/2:                        Grades 6/7:  

            Grade 3:

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