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Chunky's Cinema Fundraising Recap

A message from our Chunky’s Event Chair Tracey Brengola

A big thank you to the families of Windham Academy. The Chunky’s fundraiser is officially over and results are in!

24 families participated in event selling a grand total of 262 tickets. Our goal was 240, so awesome job.

We made $3.50 on each ticket so the final profit for the PTO is $919. (A couple extra donated dollars in there)

Our top seller was Abram Brittsan with 46 tickets sold!!! Other top sellers include Benjamin Barker, Harper Harris, Averie Brengola, Aubrey Balistreri, Skylar Maczolf.

Tickets and prizes will be sent home with your children before vacation.

THE WA PTO wants to thank Ms Morneau’s kindergarten mom, Tracey Brengola, for putting this fundraiser together.

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