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Constitution Day Celebration 2021

Constitution Day

In what has become an annual celebration, Windham Academy recognized Constitution Day on September 17. The entire school was able to take part in an outdoor assembly on the front lawn. Kindergarten students even wore hand-made patriotic hats for the occasion. After opening remarks from Walter Cartwright, III, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, select students welcomed the group and read facts about the Constitution, and then each grade level recited a line from the preamble in unison. Finally, the entire student body sang “This Land Is Your Land” while the flag was raised, after which they recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

“We have celebrated Constitution Day since we opened. Today it was heart-warming to see how much our little school on the hill has grown. These types of unifying assemblies foster patriotism and community,” said Melinda Labo, Director. Mr Cartwright said, “It was wonderful to see our entire student body and faculty execute on their hard work, and a truly heartwarming experience to see our young people celebrating the constitution of our great nation.”

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