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Food Drive

During the colder months it’s important to remember those less fortunate, and to give what we can to make their lives a little easier. We are honored to organize a collection and distribution of food to those in need and urge everyone to donate whatever amount they can. Even a small donation means a lot to a family with less. Collections will be delivered to a local Food Pantry in November.

We hope you’ll join us in helping out our community who could really use some extra support during this season.

Children Who Give:

  • Experience reflection, which brings lifelong benefits by building compassion, leadership and critical thinking.

  • In knowing that a kid can make a difference, their work is valued by others, and they have something to contribute.

  • Learning about their community’s needs and specific topics (e.g. environment, hunger)

  • Compassion for others by gaining empathy for those less fortunate and through sharing and the realization they have something to share.

  • They learn to think beyond their own needs and learning generosity.

  • Children who volunteer when they’re young will continue to volunteer as adults.

  • Young volunteers learn about their community and how they can have an impact on it: They can make a difference!


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