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Meet & Greet Info & Parking

The weather is clearing up and we're looking forward to seeing you all at the Meet & Greet with Mr. C & Mrs. Amacio tonight! There are a few things you should know to help this run smoothly:

  1. If you have students in both age groups, you may choose one. We expect the later group to be less busy.

  2. PARKING: Park in our WA parking lot if possible. Otherwise, you may park on the street or in the circle. DO NOT block any neighbor's driveways or park in any other parking lots. Please ensure that there is room for 2 cars to pass safely on the street at all times. This is very important to keep the peace with our neighbors.

  3. The event will take place on the playground/outdoors.

  4. We have cookies, organic lemonade, and apple juice. There will be a few gluten free/allergy friendly items but if you're unsure, feel free to bring your own.

See you all tonight!

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