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Presenting to Board of Education

The Windham Academy recently presented to the New Hampshire Board of Education on the success of their first several months of operation. The school's director, Mindy Labo, went to Concord accompanied by two of Mrs. Adaschik's 3rd grade class, Joe and Josiah.

Mrs. Labo reported that the school continues to exceed all expectations, with approximately 100 students and families currently enrolled. She credits her stellar team of educators and staff with the school’s success - citing area parents, and their repeated ravings about the new school. With another month of open enrollment still to go, an additional 70 area families have already applied for fall 2019 enrollment, making another lottery guaranteed.

Young Joe and Josiah stepped up and captivated the assembly with their professional demeanor and heartfelt update on their experiences at the new school. The Education Commissioner and Board Members were so impressed by the boys - they made it a point to personally thank them for their participation.

Joe and Josiah stepped up and captivated the assembly

The Windham Academy is a tuition free public school based in the heart of Windham, near to exit 3. Currently serving Kindergarten through grade 3, it will expand a grade each year. Fall 2019 open enrollment is underway, with the addition of grade 4. Classrooms are filling quickly, with several openings still available for grades 2, 3 and 4.

Construction of the new classrooms at 1 Industrial Drive is well underway, and the school’s new PTO is already impacting change throughout the community. For more information on the new school, please visit, or call Kim Golden at 603-236-7900 to schedule an onsite visit.

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