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Recap Teacher and Staff Appreciation 2019

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Lights, Camera, Appreciation: May 13th through May 17th was dedicated to appreciating our Windham Academy Teachers and Staff! They truly set the Stage for Success in the classroom.

This week would not have been possible without the contributions from our WA families. We had volunteers come in to set up each morning and others who worked at home to put pieces together. The WA PTO is very thankful for everyone’s time and money contributed to make this a special week for our Teachers and Staff.

Here is a recap of the week:

Prep began the Friday before kick-off week.

Day One: Breakfast with the Stars! Sponsored by Heav’nly Donuts and the WA PTO! Thank you Heav’nly Donuts and all the families who made this day possible!

{Day Two} Walk the Red Carpet! The paparazzi can’t stay away when we have so many Star Performers in one school! On this day the teachers are treated to a red carpet, photos in the conference room, refreshments, and candy.

The Day's Helpers

Candy and Beverages for Our Stars

Our Principal

{Day Three} VIP SWAG BAG: Stars at Award Shows receive amazing swag bags! Parents of the WA PTO delivered VIP Swag to our Star Teachers & Staff! Thank you to all the WA PTO families who made the VIP Swag Bags.

MORE SWAG!!! Target wants to show their Appreciation as well by giving the teachers some Target Swag. $100 of Crayola Tempera Paint and Paint Brushes are on its way to Windham academy. Thank you Target for joining us in celebrating our teachers & Staff!

Becky, First Grade Mom, Getting Ready to Deliver VIP bags to Our Teachers

Meg, Kindergarten Mom, Heading Our to Visit the Teachers with VIP Bags

Ms. Morneau Walking Down the Red Carpet

The Teachers Received Personalized Tumblers Filled with Candy. As an Additional Surprise, Target Donated $100 for Paint.

{DAY FOUR} Popping Over With Appreciation. Popcorn Station for our Stars full of extra toppings. Now Serving: Skinny Popped, Freshly Popped, Cheddar Popcorn.

Thank you to our helpers this morning and all the WA PTO Families for making today’s appreciation possible.

Today's Helpers

Preparing the Popcorn Station

Popcorn with Toppings

{DAY FIVE} Curtain Call: Our STARS give outstanding performances each day! We are so proud of everything they do to set the stage for success in the classroom!

On this day the teachers and staff placed their orders for some yummy Panera! We also had a veggie stir fry, cookies, cupcakes, and an assortment of beverages!

Drinks, Cookies, and Veggie Noodle Stir Fry

Our Parents Preparing Panera Orders

Parent Volunteers Prepping for the Teachers to Arrive

A Rare Occurrence! Our Teachers and Staff Eating Lunch Together.

Thank you to the crew for set up and all the families for contributing to make this day possible! Our backstage group (WA PTO) nailed the week! Thank you for every single piece contributed!

Thank you to our Teachers and Staff for all they do in and out of the classroom.

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