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Remote Learning & Flex Day Information

Hello WA Families!

As a reminder, we are asking you to provide us with your decision around in-person vs. remote learning for your WA students as soon as possible.

We recognize that there are still some questions around what things will look like for both remote and in-person learners. We are meeting regularly and working diligently to provide you with as much detail as possible over the next few weeks, but we hope the following will assist you in making your decisions this week. 

Remote learning will include:

- Robust instruction as similar to classroom instruction as possible (significantly more robust than last year's emergency plan) 

- Access to video recordings of teachers/lessons for "anytime" access. 

- Pick up/drop off of materials/lessons

- Possible use of age appropriate online apps such as RaZ kids, EPIC books, splash math, seesaw, etc.

- Flexible schedule. Remote learners are not limited to working during the school day/week. Work may be completed at any time as convenient for the family.

Flex Day for in-person learners

We WILL be implementing a flex day/4 day school week for students as previously described. This will happen on Wednesday each week. Students will attend in-person classes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new way of working to keep everyone safe. Please fill out your survey as soon as possible so we can plan appropriately. 

Please call the office or email for any questions related to your student or specific family situation.

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