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Teacher Appreciation

On Wednesday, March 13, 2019 the teachers and staff were treated to a special lunch coordinated by the PTO Classroom Liaisons and Families.

The Teachers lunch was planned to let them know how much we appreciate them: We FEEL so LUCKY to have you.

Parents donated food/beverages items, supplies, and time. What many families don’t know is that our teachers do not have lunch together on a regular basis and some don’t even have their lunch covered. By having parent volunteers come in between 12pm-1pm meant all our teachers were able to have an hour dedicated to them while their classrooms were covered.

Another thank you to the PTO for funding items from Jerome’s Catering. This was a nice complement to the food items donated by families.

A special thank you to all the WA Families whom contributed to make this day super special!

We look forward to many more days like this special day!

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