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Update: Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Dear WA Families,

Thank you for your patience over the last two days as we have been working through fine tuning our procedures. As with all beginning of the year procedures, it takes a little while for everything to fall into place correctly. This year we also have more than 50 additional students at our school than we had last year.

It has truly been wonderful visiting all of our classrooms at WA and officially meeting our students! It was nice to see so many smiling students at drop off earlier today and smiling parents at pick up. It has added to our already positive culture we have been spreading over the past two days at Windham Academy. Our students have been so wonderful and we are truly a community already!

Effective Immediately, we will implement some changes to our procedures to help facilitate safety and efficiency at the same time. Please see below for changes and reminders:

Drop Off:

  1. Please have your child ready to get out on the passenger side of your vehicle (unbuckled, backpack ready, etc).

  2. In the "Drop Off Zone," staff will open the door for you, let your children out, and close the car door. Older students may come out of the car on their own once stopped in the drop off zone if they are comfortable to do so.

  3. Please TURN RIGHT at the bottom of Industrial Drive as you leave. This will facilitate emptying the parking lot faster. You can easily get back to Rte. 28/111 by turning right.

Pick Up:

  1. Please Do NOT arrive prior to your pickup window. We truly need your help with this to help alleviate long backups on local roads. Also, please never block any of our neighbors' entrances and exits. ADJUSTED pickup windows are as follows: Last Name A-H: 2:40-2:55 (Car dismissal begins at 2:45) Last Name I-P: 2:55-3:05 Last Name Q-Z: 3:05-3:15

  2. Please have your Last Name Placard visible through the window when you arrive in the parking lot so no one has to stop and staff can easily identify your car.

  3. Please pull forward as far as you can in the pick up zone, even if you see your child on the sidewalk.

  4. Children will remain indoors until you enter the parking lot and be called outside. Please do not move forward until the stop sign is turned to "Go".

  5. Please TURN RIGHT at the bottom of Industrial Drive as you leave. This will facilitate emptying the parking lot faster.

Again, thank you for your patience during these first few days of the school year!

Best Regards,

Matthew Castonguay


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