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Windham Academy ALICE Training

October 19, 2022

Dear Parents,

Over the next week, we are going to begin our ALICE intruder training with our students. Grades K-5 will learn the program through an age appropriate approach using the picture book, "I'm Not Scared... I'm Prepared!" and will complete age appropriate activities surrounding this topic. Grades 6-7 will be viewing a training video in place of the picture book as it is more age appropriate.

It is vital that our students are prepared in the event of an intruder in our school. This is a very tough topic to have to go over with our students. Our teachers will be doing it in an age appropriate way and will work hard to diminish any worries that students may have. As a parent, you can reassure your child that it is important to be prepared, however the chances of this happening are extremely low. Here are some helpful links: (for parent viewing) (elementary level students) (middle level students)

Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Thank you,

Matthew Castonguay


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