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Windham Academy Phased Re-opening Plan

Phased Opening... (First 6 weeks ONLY)

PHASE ONE: Teacher Preparation Days:Monday Aug. 31st ~ Wednesday Sept. 2nd: During these 3 days, teachers will be given uninterrupted time to prepare for students to return to Windham Academy in a "Hybrid" Model (students who physically attend school AND students who continue to remote learn.) During Phase One, all staff members will participate in training and a shared understanding of "Protocols and Procedures" for meeting the needs of all students. *Classroom Set-up (social distancing will be paramount) *Social Distancing guidelines will be prioritized in table/desk set up *Student cubbies/lockers will be color coded for students to be assigned time to get materials in a staggered fashion *Full group lessons will be done in color codes ("reds join me on the rug... greens remain at your desks", etc) *Classroom Schedule for hand-washing and sanitizing/disinfecting work areas *Recess/Playground times will be staggered *Masks/Face shields will be needed at school for all staff and students... yet NOT mandated to wear all day. Masks/Face shields will be worn: ~for hallway travel ~during some classroom activities ~when a teacher/staff member deems it necessary (a child is dealing with allergies... lots of sneezing, for instance) *Frequent mandated hand-washing and sanitizing *Desk, chairs, door handles, and tables to be cleaned frequently *Students will be responsible for having "personal school supplies" kept in a pencil box/baggie *Hallway/Staircase directions to be followed (this staircase for traveling UP, this hallway to travel in this direction/"arrows", etc) **Fire Drills/Emergencies will be set up by following NH Safety & Procedures

PHASE TWO: Meeting Family/Students Thurs 9/3/20, Tues 9/8/20, Wed 9/9/20 *These days will be spent for teachers to meet one-on-one with each family (in person or remotely through video) Topics to be covered: ~Discussions on how the student is doing "overall" socially & emotionally with the current pandemic experience as well as on beginning the school year ~Families can share any important information about the child to help best prepare staff for working along-side the child during instruction ~Teachers will go over safety/health procedures for the classroom ~Teachers can explain how to best prepare for the school year PHASE THREE: Beginning of Instruction/Academic School Year Thurs 9/10/20 ~ Fri 10/23/20 (AT THIS TIME, Discussions are moving towards having a 4 day/1 day school week. Although staff members will be present in the school for all 5 school days, 1 day will be a Flex Day... allowing time for teacher planning, video-taping lessons, meeting with SpEd Department, and preparing materials for in-school students/remote learners) This Flex Day is yet to be determined. *Teachers will prepare for the school year in teams... 3 Kindergarten teachers 3 First Grades 3 Second Grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades *Between teachers and para-professionals... instruction and academic planning will be rolled out by each team. Instruction will be planned: ~Physical "in-person" lessons ~Video lessons (for remote learners) ~Hybrid lessons for differentiating for all learners *Due to the current circumstances... your children may see the different instructional teachers throughout the school week. (Depending on scheduling of remote and in-person lessons) *Hybrid Specials: (Art, Music, and YMCA)... library will be staggered (book cleaning procedures will be put in place) PHASE FOUR: REFLECTION PHASE This phase encompasses many stakeholders for decision-making as to "where do we go next": *NH Department of Education (where is education at the present time?) *Center of Disease Control (where are we with the pandemic?) *Windham Academy Students, Parents, and Staff (How's everyone doing?) This is when we can BEST decide how things are going, what might need to be changed/altered, and what is best for all moving forward... after October 23rd.

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