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March 2022 Gift Card Calendar Raffle

Tickets are $10 each. Proceeds benefit Windham Academy. 

Winners will be drawn daily (2 winners on days when there are 2 gift cards shown on the calendar). 

Winners will be posted on this page.

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 4.05.54 PM.png

March 1

Target - Briana Angelotti (Astella Angelotti)

Dunkins - Stephanie Boule (Ryan Boule)


March 2

Walmart - Julie Genovese (Jack Genovese)

DQ - Kathy Albert (Ana Comeau)


March 3 

Bass Pro Shops - Janine Gridley (Ben Goulet)


March 4

Amazon - Nick Nguyen (Vivian Nguyen)


March 5

Home Depot - Karen Davey (Hunter Retelle)


March 6

Dunkin - David Hojnacki (Ford Demirgian)


March 7

Heavenly Donuts - Molly Andrews (Benjamin Del Signore)

March 8

Panara - Alessandra Sa (Nicholas Barbosa)


March 9 

Cinzia Calo (Jackie Calo)


March 10 

Target - Ron Burgess (Paige Gomez)

March 11 

Old School - Diane Foley (Jayden Foley)

March 12

IHOP - Swanson Family (Gregory Swanson)


March 13

Target- Tracie Tajiani (Treyton Morse)

Panera- Frank Poirier (Wesley Barrett)


March 14 

Chick-Fil-A - Allyson Bouchard (Garrett Bouchard)

March 15

Market Basket - Tina Panagulis (Mackenzie Munger)


March 16

Panera - Sarah Jensen (Hannah Jensen)

Amazon - Ashley Chipman (Tommy Klemm)


March 17

Starbucks - Lyndey Thompson (Adaline Thompson)

March 18

Dunkin Donuts - Laura Montgomery (Joe Miloro)


March 19

Old School - Jillian Sciuto (Hadlee Sciuto)


March 20

Fratello’s - Bethany Laham (Aria Laham)


March 21 

Whole Foods - Karen Sweeney (Joshua Sweeney)

March 22

Panera - Karen Ouellette (Thomas Ouellette)

Target - Therese Duquette (Spencer Diep)


March 23

Starbucks - Karen Gagnon (Julia Gagnon)

Bass Pro - Cara Carney (Lochlan and Orrin Carney)


March 24

Amazon - Alan Gibeley (Aydin Dinler)

Home Depot- Ryan Beaulieu (Alana Reardon)


March 25

Dunkin Donuts - Allan Goodwin (Paige Gomez)

Target - Diane Chretien (Ben Goulet)

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