Windham Academy 2021-2022 Reopening Plan

As Windham Academy opens for the 2021-2022 school year, masks will be OPTIONAL for staff and students. Staff and students may continue to wear a mask if they choose to do so. If our state and federal officials (NH DHHS, NH DOE, and the CDC) mandate that this safety feature is necessary, the WA School Board will update you with any/all changes.

~ Remote learning will not be offered "in place of" in-person learning at WA at this time.

~Parents are asked to assess their children before leaving home and to contact

WA if any COVID-like symptom has developed. Please continue to be vigilant in keeping students home who are "not feeling well". Communication with Nurse Barth will be "key" here.

~Social Emotional: Teachers will have one-on-one meetings with families before school opens to discuss the current mindset of the child. WA will continue to provide the social and emotional services to staff/students who may need support. These services may include but are not limited to: meeting students in-person, Classroom lessons, individual and group counseling, and supporting our students' social and emotional needs.

~We have a large, new building. There is ample room for separation during academic time. Staff and students will no longer be required to social distance. However, students will be invited to have a mask with them during the school day. If an activity calls for students to be in close proximity, "mask time" will be offered, but not required.